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Arthur Durkee is an artist who works in multiple media. His artwork has been described as shamanic, visionary, archetypal, transformative, and mythopoetic. It has won national, regional, and local awards, appeared in galleries and exhibitions, and has been published nationwide.

The artist has finally woken up to the truth that his purpose in life is to Make Things: be an artist, a composer, poet, musician, painter, photographer, songwriter, landscape sculptor, book artist, videographer, etc. This realization came on the heels of a long illness, near-death experience, surgery, and recovery. Creative work is what he does best, and best loves doing; in fact, it's the only thing he's really good at. He's tried a lot of other jobs, from corporate to retail, and never excelled at any of them. He does still dabble for fun in freelance design and illustration for books and magazines, and creating art for musicians, such as posters and CDs. He observes the world from a slight angle, with an artist's eye and a bard's ear, and gives it back within new frames of focus. We are but mirrors and we marvel.



Liquid Crystal Gallery
original photography on DVD
with original music by Al jewer,
Andy Mitran and Arthur Durkee

iPod-ready previews are available
on the LCG website, along with
a printable order form and much



An official portfolio gallery, featuring monochrome photography:

Photography Gallery



basin and range Streaming video slideshows of my artwork, with music, are now available in QuickTime, Windows Media, and RealMedia formats, below.

These four short films are available as a DVD, entitled Basin & Range.
You may order the DVD directly from me, via email, or from Stick Enterprises.
The cost is US$20, plus US$2 for mailing.
If you wish to order directly from me, please email me for a current address to send your cheques.


Basin & Range • Images from Nevada, Utah, and California, with poetry:


Visions • Shamanic and visionary artwork:


The Western Lands • Images from the West and Southwest:


Gateways • Photographs from Utah, Nevada, and California, and digital artwork:




podcast          podcast archives

I am now podcasting excerpts from the Road Journal. This is a project that continues to grow over time.

The podcast features original music and poetry, and readings of the ongoing Road Journal, by a nomadic visionary creative artist, musician, and writer.

Featured on the podcast are recently-recorded segments of the Road Journal; older episodes can be found in the Podcast Archives. I continue to apply Alvin Lucier and/or John Cage processes to the readings: Each written chapter is recorded in a different acoustic space, with its unique ambience and resonance. (Like Lucier's I Am Sitting In A Room.) Then, each segment may have some sectional music breaks as part of it, and/or be treated with filters, processing, and editing, using chance methods. (Like Cage's Diary: How To Improve the World (You WIll Only Make Matters Worse).) The process converts the written text into text/sound poetry.

At random times, I will take phrases from the readings, and manipulate the heck out of them: audio destructive software, granular synthesis, junkmusic techniaues, chance-derived Burroughsian cut-up editing, are all probable tools.

I am recording the majority of these readings directly onto my Mac G4 Powerbook laptop, at various locations indoors and out, often with a portable USB mic plugged directly into Amadeus on the laptop, and at other times and locations with more sophisticated micing and mixing. No special studio recording tricks, just raw performance. Low-tech input, high-end audio processing and output. Life is good.

There is also some of my original music on the podcast. I am adding both new pieces as they are created, and digging into my archives of old material, which I am gradually digitizing from the original cassette and reel masters.

I continue to record a series of virtual performances of John Cage's infamous "silent piece" 4'33" whenever I travel, in various locations, under various conditions, at various times of day. The whole point of this piece, which the audience did not comprehend at the premiere, is that there is no such thing as silence; all one has to do, to make a given period of time musical, is to pay attention to everything that is going on around you, and listen as though you were listenig to music, since after all you are.

My thanks to Al Jewer and Andy Mitran for initiating me into this realm of podcasting, and the ongoing technical and web-hosting support, and to Tony Kapela who helped with the podcast software to automate the process. Additional thanks also to Daren Johnson for occasional Mac Powerbook tech support.


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